Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rebecca's Introduction to her Vignettes


Vignettes of Moiry

Ladies, Gentlemen and Dear Friends.

I hope for a few moments to transport you to the village of Moiry in the department of the Nièvre , France where I spent the first years of my youth. I will call these little stories, Vignettes of Moiry.

As an introduction to these vignettes, I present this beautiful passage taken from the book The Brothers Karamazov of Dostoyevsky:

You ought to know that there is nothing stronger or best for life than some good memories, especially those of childhood. People speak much of your education but some good memories sacred, preserved from childhood are perhaps the best education. If a man carries many such memories with him all of his life, he is safe until the end of his days and if someone has only one memory in his heart, even this memory can have the gift of saving him.

Rebecca Goethe DeVries

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